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Sliding Scale Fee

So everyone encounters hard economic situations at one time or another.  For that reason Rejuvenation House offers Sliding-Fee for clients with no insurance who are paying out-of-pocket.  Click on the link below to access the application and provide it along with supporting documents such as a tax form from last years taxes (the first page that states your taxable income, or if you are self-employed, please provide your schedule C, or both if you and/or those in your household have a mixed income).   If these are not available, check stubs from the income of all contributing parties that reflect income over the more recent 2 months will due.

Fees are determined based on household income and the 2017 Federal Department of Health and Human Services ' Poverty Scale adjustment*.  Your yearly income tax return, a copy of your W-2 form, last 2 month’s paycheck stubs,
copies of your social security checks, or other checks you may receive will be sufficient proof. Your annual income and your family size will be used to calculate your discount.


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