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Financing Available

Operating on a really tight budget?  Not seeing how you can afford to get the medical help you need?

At Rejuvenation House we understand that "life happens" and emotional crises and finances don't always work together the way we would like them too.  We don't want your finances to get in the way of the treatment you need, so Rejuvenation House has partnered with outside organizations that specialize in making health care affordable to you. 


For example:

  • Have a high deductible or maybe you would like your sessions to occur closer together but managing those co-pays so close together is cost prohibitive.

    • Well Parasail is an organization that specializes in financing medical expenses over a longer period to create a more affordable monthly payment instead of the higher priced costs of paying for every visit up front.​  Click HERE for more information.

  • Don't have insurance, deductible is way too high, or maybe you would prefer not to get your insurance involved but your can't afford the full price right now​?

    • Open Path is an organization designed to assist you with a payment you can afford until either your insurance is reasonable or your budget improves.  For more information and to apply Click H​ERE.

Interested in Out of Pocket Client-Direct Pay

This is a $120 value!!
This program can be purchased at any time
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