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Couples Bootcamp


Rejuvenation House offers

1, 2, & 3 day

Online Intensive Relationship Retreats

If you are a counselor or therapist and your couple is struggling to progress in therapy due to maladaptive communication skills, Rejuvenation House provides a 6 hour online intense couples communication boot camp to help improve communication skills.  In this  boot camp couples are introduced to Goal oriented thinking to assist them in communication and the progress of their therapy.  These sessions are led by a DBT certified therapist who introduces alternative perspective acceptance, mutual validation and communication skills, and conducts role play /behavioral rehearsals to help couples improve their interpersonal effectiveness and ultimately increases the benefits and progress they receive in therapy with the therapist they already have.


How the Couples Retreat Works

The biggest factor contributing at least 95% to problems within a relationship stem from poor communication skills.  One of the issues fueling poor communication skills are assumptions, agendas, and accusations made within the relationship that create a toxic environment.  What the couple's retreat will aim to do is assist couples in changing their thinking from problem focused to solution focused.  One of the main steps to this is establishing goal oriented thinking.  That is, making everything that is said, decided, and behaviors that are chosen have a specific purpose to reach a specific goal.

Another step in the process is assisting the couples in recognizing that the majority of disagreements come from perspectives and not facts.  With this said, the couples are assisted in learning how to accept alternative perspectives from their partner, whether they agree with those perspectives or not, and blend those perspectives into new ideas and perspectives that are better than the original ones.  This encourages a team attitude toward solving problems, as opposed to a competitive one which is statistically destructive in a relationship.


The Online Retreat is a 6 hour Intensive Retreat  broken up Into 3 2-hour sessions on 3 consecutive days (Recommended), 2 3-hour sessions on 2 consecutive days, or 1

6-hour session.

What to expect on the Retreat (Day 1)

  • Psycho-Education - (Becoming Goal Oriented and Purpose Driven in your Relationship)

  • Empathy Exercises - (Learning to verify and validate your partner before you respond)


What to expect on the Retreat (Day 2)

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Training and Exercises (Communication Skills)

  • Emotion Regulation Training and Exercises (Monitoring when you get in your own way and learning to take steps to prevent it).

What to expect on the Retreat (Day 3)

  • Review of Gottman Checkup Results

  • Role-Play/Behavioral Rehearsal - (Practicing your new found skills)

Additional Information, Tools, and Reports

  • Tools and exercises for future use on your own

  • An assessment as to whether future couples sessions, retreats, or individual sessions may benefit and the option to continue with future intensive sessions

  • 6 hours of intense Couples Therapy covering communication skills, goal-oriented and productive-minded processing, decision-making, and behavior selection, alternative perspective acceptance, and couple-created problem solving

  • Additional days are offered at client's request to continue with couples therapy sessions for further review of the Gottman Check-up results and to address specific concerns and obstacles brought up by the clients.

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