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Our Staff

The counselors, therapists, and staff at Rejuvenation House are dedicated to providing a professional, safe, and unconditionally-accepting environment, where individuals, couples, and families can grow past their issues and pain, and build strong, long-lasting, resolutions.

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John Swails, MS, LMFT, DBTC

M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist / DBT Certified Psychotherapist

John Swails is an ordained minister, a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and Marine Corp Veteran, with military mental-health practice experience addressing traumatic stress, separation, family grief, and relationship issues, and civilian experience addressing physical and sexual abuse, single-mothers with dual diagnosed children, and group therapy for middle-school and teens to develop resiliency.  As a therapist, John utilizes proven DBT, Strategic, CBT-Family, Solution-Focused, and other systemic techniques to address individual, couple, and family issues.  As a minister John is sensitive to the beliefs of the client and is ready to explore spiritual solutions to any issue.

 AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Marriage & Family Therapist

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 Approved LCAS Supervisor
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Cherri Swails MS, MBA, LCAS

MBA in Business Administration,

MS Clinical Psychology,

MS Clinical Addictions, 

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist / Substance Abuse Counselor 

Cherri is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) with a Master degrees in Clinical Addiction,Psychology,and Business Administration, as well as over 7 years of experience providing a nuturing, caring environment and applying proven techniques and approaches to assist clients in dealing with their addictions.


In addition, Cherri provides MBA level business analyst skills and John combines his counseling skills with over 20 years of experience as a systems analyst, so Restoration House can assist companies in understanding how their corporate-family environment impacts production and profits, and offer systemic solutions to the corporate-family issues effecting a company's production.

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Carlett Spells
Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage & Family Therapist

Carlett Spells is a Marriage and Family Therapist with 10+ years focusing on children, adolescents, and families in foster
care, group home settings, and in-home services. Carlett has provided a range of services from individual and group
therapy, psychoeducation, parental counseling, and marriage counseling. She has extensive experience working with mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, ADHD, abuse, grief-recovery, relationship challenges, and trauma. Ms Spells approaches of choice include  solution and emotion focused therapy, strength-based interventions, and play therapy. Carlett is passionate about guiding each
client, family, and couple through their unique healing journeys and navigating through life’s challenges.

Ms Spells offers Pro-Bono sessions for the financially disenfranchised who qualify. For those interested, please notify the therapist via email when you complete your appointment request.

      My husband and I had reached a point where we weren't communicating outside of polite conversation.  Our therapist at Rejuvenation House provided a safe, accepting place where we could learn to make time for each other and listen again.



   My schedule is sometimes to hectic to squeeze another item in.  It is so convenient to have Rejuvenation House's secured video session as an option when I can't make it into the therapist's office.


A. C.

      My wife and I wanted to move forward in our relationship but we were struggling with forgiveness.  The staff at Rejuvenation House really helped


   Thee is a difference between wanting to change and making a change.  I felt like my addiction was running my life and I no longer had the choice.  Cherri helped my re-frame my thinking and take control again.


E. C.

Yameese Tyson
Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage & Family Therapist

Yameese Tyson is a Marriage and Family Therapist with clinical skills in working with Children, families, Couples, and individuals. Her passion is working with individuals and couples from multicultural and diverse backgrounds, further understanding their life experiences, and allowing their stories to be told. She has pervasive experience working with issues surrounding depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, grief, women’s issues, sexuality and identity issues, LGBTQIA+, and mental health disorders. Yameese’s work is geared toward tackling these issues individually and collaboratively with couples to strengthen their couple bond. Yameese’s therapy approaches include but are not limited to emotionally focused couple therapy, narrative therapy, strength-based approaches, intergenerational approaches, and solution-focused therapy. Yameese is driven to work alongside clients to highlight each client’s internal tools and strengths.

Yameese offers Pro-Bono sessions for the financially disenfranchised who qualify. For those interested, please notify the therapist via email when you complete your appointment request.

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Appointment requests, especially home visit requests, must be approved for logistical reasons.  Please monitor the email box you provided to Rejuvenation House for an email approving the date and time of your appointment.  Feel free to contact a Rejuvenation House representative in the event you have not received either an approval or a denial by close of day that the request was made.

If approved, please notify Rejuvenation House immediately if for whatever reason you are unable to make your appointment.  Please be mindful that Rejuvenation House has an $85 no-show fee policy for appointments that are not met, and for appointments canceled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment.

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