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Length of Session, Fees, and Insurance


Sessions are $120 for 50 minutes to 1 hour.  Sliding-scale fees are available based on one's household income.  


Rejuvenation House is always working to expand our client's pay options.  We currently are in-network with the following insurance:

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In addition there are Employment Assistance programs (EAP) associated with these insurance companies through which Rejuvenation House can provide services*

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*Check with your employer for details concerning your plan's abilities to serve you.

We are working on direct billing to Medicaid and Medicare.  We have found, however, that third-party payers, such as insurance companies, can potentially interfere with effective treatment and raise issues regarding confidentiality. For instance, insurance companies often limit the number of sessions and require that services include a mental health diagnosis. Having a documented diagnosis may affect obtaining insurance if you attempt to change providers or renew a life insurance policy as the diagnosis may be considered a preexisting condition.  As a result we offer our clients the option to pay through, cash, credit cards, and checks.  

Many insurance companies will reimburse you for fees or costs incurred if you provide them with a statement of paid services.  If you are covered by an insurance company other than those currently accepted by Rejuvenation House, Super Bills can be provided by Rejuvenation House for out-of-network insurance claim reimbursements.  Actual reimbursements are provided by your insurance company and are subject to their policies.  Please read your insurance policy carefully or contact your insurance provider so you understand what your benefits will and will not cover.

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