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Addiction Counseling

Identifying Substance Abuse vs Dependency/Recognizing and Addressing an Addiction Issue/"Trigger" Coping skills/Developing Support Systems/Accountability and Forgiveness

Anyone can feel overcome by stress.  Many times a coping mechanism may be a way of escape until we are ready to deal with the issue, but what happens when the coping and escaping become the issue? This process tends to be subtle until suddenly we find ourselves trapped in a maladaptive cycle.  We may even find we've lost track of what got us here in the first place.


Substace - Abuse Counseling

Developing Coping Skills

Gaining Closure

Building Resiliency

Rejuvenation House offers a judgement-free environment of acceptance where it is safe to explore the stress and triggers that led to the addiction. We believe steps towards addiction recovery will never be successful without addressing what initiated the desire in the first place.

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1140 Kildaire Farm Rd

Suite 304

Cary, NC 27511

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