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Group Counseling - Why You should participate


Many things that seem difficult to address alone become easier in a group that shares the same challenges.  Group Therapy gives you the comfort of camaraderie with the added benefit of sharing victories and techniques that have worked for others in the same situation.

Current Groups:

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Coming Soon:


Pressing Past Addiction

Addiction Group Counseling

Addiction  of any kind can be a challenge to overcome but it can be done.  Hearing those challenges echoed by others with similar struggles can help you feel less alone.  Together tools can be developed and shared to help press past the current situation.


Teen Empowerment

Adolescent Resiliency therapy

One of the greatest challenges to teen development is often negative peer-group pressure combined with an anti-individual social culture.  Group therapy combines an environment of positive reinforcement and unconditional acceptance of the individual, with pyschoeducational classes that introduce tools that reinforce a child's resiliency against negative peer-pressure.

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Empowered to Move Forward

Group Trauma therapy

Whether it is war related or the result of a tragic accident, Post Traumatic Stress is a real probability that seldom goes away without treatment.  Part of that treatment should include group therapy.  Group therapy helps remove feelings of isolation and paranoia and presents an opportunity for victims to share with others who have gone through similar situations and found different ways to cope.


Reclaiming Life

 GroupTherapy for victims of sexual and physical abuse

Getting past the "why" questions associated with being a victim of abuse can be the most challenging part of moving forward.  Being among others who have been where you are and have either successfully moved on or are in the process of moving on, can be a strong source of encouragment and support.  Group sessions such as these develop feelings of strength through solidarity to accomplish goals that seem much harder to achieve individually.

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