Attention: Blue Cross Blue Shield Customers

Rejuvenation House is happy to announce it will resume accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield customer's insurance through the billing and claims management of Headway starting May 15th!

What this means for you:

What You Will Need

BCBS customers will receive form requests from headway to confirm their insurance and payment information.  Please complete and return these forms to headway to expedite your use of their services.

Other than that therapy sessions will be conducted as usual with Headway's billing and claims service conducted transparent to the client.

What You Will Receive

Client's will receive normal reminders of appointments prior to each session.  Client's will be billed according to their insurance Co-Pay and deductible agreement with their insurance company immediately after every session.

No additional actions will be neccessary.


Blue Cross Blue Shield claims will be directly submitted by Headway at no additional fee to the customer. Because BCBS clients will no longer be required to pay up front this will eliminate the need to file for reibursements.