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At Rejuvenation House we assist individuals, couples, and families,  in developing the tools needed to enhance, improve and empower. their lives and relationships

Services Offered

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Individual Therapy

Rejuvenation House empowers you with tools to help you work through those unexpected "life" events.

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Couples Therapy

Every relationship has bumps.  We can help you through it.


Intensive Online Couples Therapy

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Family Therapy

It is hard for a family NOT to have conflicts.  If you are having problems resolving them, let us help you.


Addiction Therapy

Let's face it, if you could have stopped on your own you would have done it already.  Addictions can not only tear down the person addicted, they can ruin lives, relationships, and jobs.  If you are someone you know is wrestling with addictions, let us help.

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Teenagers and Pre-teen

Teenagers and pre-teens can bring special challenges to parents.  Sometimes all it takes is an experienced 3rd party to observe and provide insight and encouragement.  Other times more intense in-patient treatment is required.  Rejuvenation House tries hard to empower parents in dealing with their children.  When necessary, Rejuvenation House can connect parents with 3rd party resources. that can assist the child in adjusting his/her behavior and improve the parents ability to copem


When do I ask for help?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with past or current events in your life?

Are you experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, and trouble sleeping at nights?

Are you anxious, irritable, and withdrawn from others and activities you once enjoyed?

Are you having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else?

Have you recently experienced grief and/or loss?

Are you having feelings of hopelessness, diminished self-worth and sadness most days?

Are you finding it difficult to focus, trouble concentrating, and plagued with negative thoughts on a daily basis?

Are you experiencing marital or other significant relationship issues?

Is your child/children exhibiting emotional and/or behavioral issues?

Are you and your family members having issues communicating and functioning as a unit?

If you said yes to any of these, please give us a call.  We will listen with unconditional positive regard, without judgement, and provide you with the tools to overcome your emotional and psychosocial obstacles.

Take Back your Life.jpeg


Reclaim the joy, peace of mind, accomplishment,or relaitonship your current issue is stealing from you. Don't let your situation go on a day further without beginning your journey towards change. 


Let Rejuvenation House help you restore that which you feel you have lost and start reaping the rewards you feel you deserve.



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